lately i realized that i often live in an inner and outer world of questions. although those questions more often then not irritate me and leave me puzzled, i try not to disregard them. i’m confident that finally the effort to try to answer them brings me to stand for inner convictions, ideals, utopia, perseverance, for what i understand as making sense out of what happens, as being part of, as activism, as patience.

knowing that all those questions, ideals, inner convictions, patience are in process helps me to appreciate them as they keep my mind awake and in exchange with others, as they accompany me to acknowledge my limits OR overcome them and also, i see as they take place in different forms in the course of my life and shape it.

the music i do is part of that process. something that touched me in the first place, something that after i try to work out through lyrics and melodies, something that later i long to share by singing. with the live performance i try to create a moment of connection with the people that find in it inputs, inspiartion, common ground or whatever it is that we recognize when we listen to a song and get caught with it in a flow of feelings.




we all have a song, patti smith.

A song comes spontaneously, expressing joy, loneliness, to dispel fear or exhibit a small triumph. We hardly notice we are forming them, as we sing them, often alone, half to ourselves.

It is finding the words within that leads us to sing. It might be a hymn, a shard of rebellion, or a teenage prayer. We discover inspiration where we may, in an old guitar in the corner of a garage, under a bed, or hanging in a pawnshop window. In a phrase carried to us by the wind, walking along. In the reflection we see of ourselves in the mirror. Sometime we recognize our song in the song of another. It is the miracle of the popular song, songs that are beloved universally, often in their simplicity.

The evolution of such little songs into poetry, improvisational performance and collaboration produced these lyrics, written with great hopes to strike some chord, reaching a listener who finds their meaning within, and sings along.



Lila Lisi erzählt mit Gitarre und Stimme Geschichten über die vielfältigen Erscheinungsformen der Identität und der Liebe zur Komplexität der Menschheit, die uns alle verbindet.
Die Performance ist eine Erkundung mit überraschenden Wendungen und Bedeutungen. Diese Art von Musik nährt und die Lieder lassen die Zuhörenden in ihren täglichen To-Do-Listen einen Moment anhalten und öffnen ein Türchen zur Innenwelt.